Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outfit inspiration: Olivia Palermo

Love her or hate her, Olivia Palermo knows how to dress.  I am constantly inspired by photos of her ensembles (full disclosure: I google image her daily) and fashion-wise, the girl can do no wrong.  Her sartorial mastery lies in her ability to mix colors, patterns and textures alongside stand-out accessories that are always a bit unexpected for that special- "you would have never thought of this but you wish you did"- type look, that's become Olivia's signature.  

When trying to decide what to wear to my boyfriend's family's Thanksgiving dinner, I again turned to photos of Ms. Palermo to get the wheels turning.  After spotting this infamous ensemble (if you recall the episode of The City when Olivia showed up at the Guess event sans any Guess!) I decided to recreate it for myself, here's what I'll be shopping for:

Olivia image: Elle.com , blazer: Urban Outfitters, blouse: Zara, necklace: Forever21, skirt: Zara, clutch:Mango , watch: Amazon

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